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Book: Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents

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"Gymnastics Psychology: The Ultimate Guide for Coaches, Gymnasts, and Parents," by Dr. Joe “Doc” Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo comprehensively covers the essentials of performance psychology as it applies to the art of gymnastics. Understanding how the mind influences gymnastic performances is necessary for each athlete to reach their full potential.  It is often said that when it comes to competing, about 90% is mental and only 10% is physical. Unfortunately, many coaches and gymnasts focus 90% of their time on the physical and perhaps devote 10% to mental preparation. Finding the ultimate balance between the mind/body connection is essential in today's competitive gymnastics. The basic concepts of gymnastics psychology explained in the book are easy to understand by both the coach and gymnast and simple to implement into the everyday gymnastics training, coaching, and competitive setting. Many of the concepts and principles presented are based on the authors own research conducted at clinics and competitions around the country and overseas. The information is relevant to coaches, gym owners, judges, athletes and their parents regardless of the discipline of gymnastics. In addition, although their focus is primarily gymnastics, the basic content can be applied to any competitive sport. Nowhere since the publications of the highly-acclaimed, "Psychology and Gymnastics, Vol. I & II" in 1986 and 1994 by your authors, has the information and practical application of the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of gymnastics been available until now.

In this 350 page book written for the coach, gymnast, and their parents, you will discover:

·                     how to help your gymnasts perform at their peak potential- Chapters I-XI
·                     which gymnastics mental skills your athletes need to be successful- Chapter VIII
·                     how to improve attitudes and deal with negative ones in the gym- Chapter II
·                     how to handle pre-meet anxiety- Chapter X
·                     how to provide the correct ratio of positive to negative feedback- Chapter III
·                     how to improve attention, and focus and deal with distractions- Chapter VII
·                     how to support your child but not become overly involved in their sport- Chapter XI
·                     how to overcome fears in training and prepare for competition – Chapter V
·                     how to have a productive relationship with your parents and parent groups- Chapter XI
·                     how to foster confidence in your athletes who have self-doubts- Chapter X
·                     how to develop mastery & coping skills to deal with setbacks and slumps-Chapter VI
·                     And Much, Much More!

The authors, Dr. Joe “Doc” Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo have been involved in gymnastics as competitors, judges, coaches, clinicians, and sport psychologists. Their combined experiences have been vast and varied and have encompassed over 100 years in the sport. Nearly 100 articles about psychology and the gymnast appeared in "International Gymnast Magazine" as well as their previous books.

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