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Comparing the new Jaegerssport Champion Buckle Uneven Bar Grips

We recently had a shipment of new grips arrive from the German company Jagerssport. We’re very excited about them, so today we are going to take a closer look comparing their Double Buckle Uneven Bar model to a similar Reisport model, which has been a best seller for years. Grips are a personal choice, so we are not recommending one over the other, but hope we can provide you with some more details to help you make your decision.





The leather is very similar in thickness between the two, with the Jagerssport grips being slightly thicker at 0.113 in. to the Reisport’s 0.101 in. Upon initial feel, the Reisports feel a bit more flexible, while the Jagerssports had a softer surface feel. Overall the differences we noticed very minor.

Where the two grips do differ, is in the shape of their palms. The Reisports have a straight profile, providing more coverage, while the Jagerssports have a contoured design which may work better for athletes with smaller hands, or those looking for a bit more “bar feel.”





Both of these grips feature a thick rubber dowel wrapped in a thinner leather, then stitched to the palm. The main difference here is that the Reisport (shown on left) uses two rows of stitching to hold the dowel versus three rows on the Jagerssport.





Both grips feature two straps with metal buckles that allow for good adjustability and a secure fit. Both are riveted on, but the Reisport does feature a metal roller piece that allows the strap to pass through slightly easier. The JagersSport does not have the roller, but features a flat section on the rear of the buckle which seems to have more snug fit to the strap once in place.






One of the areas where these two grips differ the most is in the cuff design. The Reisport cuff is a separate piece that is sewn on to the palm, and is designed with a bit of an angle so it may sit a little lower on the wrist. The cuff is one solid band for about 1.5” before splitting into two straps, each containing one buckle. The Jagerssport features a fold over cuff design that is made from the same piece of leather as the palm. The leather folds over, and then the straps are woven through creating a secure connection without the use of stitching. Due to the double layers of leather at the cuff, the Jagerssport has a slighly larger profile around the wrist, but the straps appear to have a bit wider range of adjustablity for those with small wrists.



Either one of these grips would be an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced gymnasts looking for a solid grip with a buckle closure. The Jagerssports are a better value per dollar at $38.95 vs $48.95 for the Reisports. The Reisports come with a track record of being one of our best selling grips for many years, and only time will tell how the Jagerssports will be received by the general public, but we are very excited to have them in stock and to be the only distributor here in the United States. If you have more specific questions about any of our products, give us a call and a member of our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you!