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Why lease your equipment? 

Leasing is the right choice! Get the equipment you need, when you need it!

Leasing offers you the following benefits: 


  • Low monthly payments:  The monthly lease payment will usually be lower than the payment required by other methods of financing.
  • No need to tie up capital:  Keep your business; cash for future needs, unexpected expenses or working capital when revenues are low.  While many types of financing require down payments of up to 25%, leasing covers 100% of the cost of the equipment.  Most leases require only one or two payments in advance, so you get immediate use of the equipment with minimal up-front cost. 
  • Preserve existing lines of credit:  Leasing has no impact on your bank credit lines.  Protect your borrowing power for other business needs or opportunities. 
  • Fixed payments through the term of the lease: Unlike bank lines of credit that usually have variable rates, lease payments are fixed, no matter what happens in the market.  By choosing to lease, you won’t be a victim of skyrocketing interest rates. 
  • Significant tax and accounting advantages: Leasing eliminates the need for complicated depreciation schedules since lease payments are generally line item expenses on your P&L statement.  And since lease payments are usually treated as a pre-tax expense, you may even reduce your tax bill, thereby keeping more of your business’ capital where it belongs:  In your business!
  • Lease to Own: Both leasing companies we work with offer the option of a $1.00 buy out at the end of your lease payment terms, so you can own your equipment at the end.

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