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Massage Tracker

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The Massage Tracker is a muscle massage tool that utilizes a hand held tracking device to guide a tennis ball right to the root of your muscle pain for easy elimination. 
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce stress in wrist and hand while still providing feedback from troubled areas.
  • Light Weight (0.15Lbs) and portable
  • High-Impact, engineered polymer plastic
  • Easy to hold and guide the tennis ball to trouble areas with maximum comfort (less pain when the tennis ball rolls over bone).
  • Multi-functional: Soft Massage (Tennis Ball), Firm Massge (Tracker Dome), Trigger point (Tracker Projections) and Hard edge rounded blade (Tracker large Radius)
The Massage Tracker is currently under Patent Pending status

Where did the Massage Tracker come from:
The Massage Tracker originated from the founder of Med Sports Vantage LLC, Rachel Lethorn PA-C, ATC, who commonly utilizes a tennis ball on her athletes and patients to pin point and then gently release muscle tightness.  Rachel wanted to get more efficiency from the tennis ball while still getting feedback from the muscle.  She then began collaboration with the founder of Lethorn CADesign LLC, Brad Lethorn who was able to translate Rachel's ideas and expertise into what is now known as "The Massage Tracker".
Manufacturer: Other
Manufacturer Item #: DGS-MT

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