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Peglock Handles

Red Peglock Handle
Red Peglock Handle111 Obstacles x DGS Ninja Peglock Obstacle in use demonstration 111 Obstacles x DGS Ninja Peglock Obstacle in use demonstration Black Peglock HandleBlue Peglock HandleGreen Peglock HandleYellow Peglock HandleWhite Peglock HandlePoly Coated Peglock Handle
Price: $29.00

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The new 111 Obstacles x DGS Ninja Peglock Handles add a new twist to the traditional circuit board! Test your vertical grip strength while practicing the keylock. 

This obstacle is constructed of laminated Baltic Birch and cut on our CNC machine here at DGS. The unique, double-step design prevents the Peglocks from twisting once locked into the slot. Pair the Peglock Handle with the 111 Obstacles Floating Lantern to unlock a new challenge. 

The "T" part of the handle is 4" wide and designed to fit a 1.5" slot width. The handle length is 7", total length is 10". 

Manufacturer: 111 Obstacles
Current Lead Time of 6 Weeks

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