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Real Life Ninja Unstable Bridge

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The Real Life Ninja line of Unstable Bridges, designed in conjunction with Drew Dreschel, come in four varying styles and can be hung easily with straps or cable. Made with high quality laminated birch, they come with T-Nut inserts and metal attachments for hanging. The different locations of the T-Nuts allow you to make them as stable or unstable as you wish.

Hang multiple Unstable Bridges together at different heights or angles, and change them whenever you like to keep things fresh!

Unstable bridges will ship unfinished, but are easily paintable to fit your color scheme.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this item.

Unstable Bridge - 21"x 48"
Small Angled Unstable Bridge - 12" x 21" x 48"
Large Angled Unstable Bridge - 18" x 24" x 48"
Knock Out Unstable Bridge - 24" x 48"
Snake or Caterpillar - 30" x 60"


Manufacturer: DGS
Manufacturer Item #: RLN-UB

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