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Reichelsport Hook & Loop Padded Grips - Uneven Bar

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Price: $55.95

Product Options

  • 2 finger holes
  • Velcro straps with dowel
  • Special tanning leather for high-performance sport
  • Soft leather lining at the wrist for greater comfort
Size determination
    Measure the length from the first skin fold of the wrist to the end of the middle finger (  L ). Determine the right size with help of the table:
Length(L)  15cm   16cm   17cm   18cm   19cm 
Size 0 1 2 3 4

Instructions (for use)
  • Grips must be carried at the upper finger-end.
  • The danger of accident exists, if grips do not have the necessary size.
  • The enlargement of the holes should be done with sandpaper only and
  • The reduction can take place by winding round with tape.
  • At first, the forming out of the grips should be done by hanging and easy swinging at the horizontal bar. Finally form out the grips at the equipment carefuly.
  • Always wear grips at same hand;
    the right grip is embossed with ë   ÃƒÃ‚».
  • The grips must be examined before each use (own responsibility); to examine are length, thickness, wear as well as sufficient adhesion of the Velcro straps.
  • Worn and thin leather any longer do not use; the wear limit is exceeded, if optically recognizable damage is visible.
  • The Grips against wetness protect, otherwise will the leather brittle and can tear.
  • By wrong use of the grips blockade danger at the horizontal bar exists. The blockade entails an adjustment of the wrist at the equipment and can to heavy accidents, like arm break, hand, wrist and chord injuries, lead.
    Possible causes can be:
    • Loosening the grip during the exercise.
    • Change of the fixation of the upper finger-end in the grip.
    • Stretch of the leather.
    • Structure of granular magnesium deposits on the horizontal bar.
    • L-fingering technique.
  • The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any accidents as results of improper usage of equipment
Manufacturer: Reichelsport
Manufacturer Item #: DGS-203P

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